The SMART Arm Team

NeuroMotion Pty Ltd has acquired an exclusive, worldwide license to use and commercialise the
stroke rehabilitation technology from SMART Arm Pty Ltd.

Ontogo Pty Ltd will provide the Executive Management Team responsible for fund raising, achieving a suitable capital structure, the successful domestic launch, scaleup, and international expansion of the SMART Arm business. The team are already in discussion with strategic investors.


Jeremy Barker – Board Chair

The SMART Arm Ontogo team

Philip Nowell – CEO

Steven Henderson – CFO

Shay Chalmers – Head, Product Engineering

Mark Morwood – Head, Product & Software

Dr Andrew Leech – Head, Corporate Development

The SMART Arm Inventors include

Prof Richard Carson – Trinity College Dublin – Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and School of Psychology

Associate Professor Ruth Barker – JCU Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

Dr Kate Hayward – The University of Melbourne – Department of Physiotherapy

Professor Sandy Brauer – UQ School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Dr David Lloyd – UQ Queensland Brain Institute